Video Script:

Hi my name is Justin Kwik, currently I’m a freshmen university now in America. So, although I don’t train with JITA anymore, I can easily say that I can fully tribute all my tennis success to JITA.

I’ve been playing with JITA since I was around five to six years old, so thirteen to twelve years I’ve been with them, and I’ve seen them grow exponentially.

JITA help me to reach my full potential each year, year by year that I trained with them, I was getting better and better, I was a stronger and stronger tennis player.

And I honestly had.. I personally had a very competitive personality, and JITA noticed this and took advantage of it, and allowed me to become the best tennis player that I ever could. They exposed me to opportunity such as brought in international tennis coaches, they brought in competitive players for us to play with and learn from.

And one of the biggest accomplishment that I had was by winning The Tegal Open National Championships, I won first place, allowed me to earn a lot of points, helped me to climb up the national ranking, and I also played for my high school tennis varsity team for four years, and you can only imagine what an impressive resume that I built, and allowed me to attend really prestigious university and I can thank JITA for a lot of that.

But tennis aside, JITA is more than a tennis school, but a huge family to me. All the current and past tennis coaches, and all the current and past tennis players, that I’ve been a part of JITA, I hold really dear too.

And some of the best memory that I ever had were (help) created by JITA, and that’s something I hold dearly in my heart. So, if I ever get back to Indonesia, I’ll definitely be training with you guys. So, thank you so much for that.